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A Consult skin-spy.



Skin-spies are creations of the Consult, produced using Inchoroi Tekne. They call themselves the “Last Children of the Inchoroi” and the “Keepers of the Inverse Fire,” though they themselves do not appear to know what this means.[1]


Skin-spies have bones composed of cartilage, which they can reshape at will; this allows them to take on the body shape of their target. Their heads are surrounded by dextrous webbed fingers which they use to simulate the nuances of facial expression. Physically, they are both faster and stronger than ordinary humans.


Like Sranc, skin-spies are base beings driven by the basic instincts of fear and lust. They gain pleasure only from inflicting fear and violence; however, they can control these urges well enough to impersonate those they kill and replace. Special methods are required to torture skin-spies, as they are aroused by pain. Skin-spies are limited in their capacity for deep thought; for instance, they are unable to comprehend paradoxes.[2]


Skin-spies do not have souls. This renders them immune to sorcery which affects the soul, such as the Cants of Compulsion. They are also mostly incapable of performing sorcery themselves; the skin-spy which impersonated Polchias Simas is the only known exception.


When seeking to kill and replace a target, skin-spies will typically first take the form of a menial or slave who is close to them. Those of high-rank typically do not pay close enough attention to their servants to notice the substitution, while the skin-spy will have time to observe their true target’s mannerisms, and character.[3]

Skin-spies are able to track people by scent.[4] However, they find the scent of pregnant women to be sickening, and will not attack them; apparently due to the need to comply with a prophecy.[5]

Known Skin-spies[]

Characters Impersonated by Skin-spies[]

Impersonated after death:

Impersonated while still alive:


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