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The Scarlet Spires are the most powerful Anagogic School of the Three Seas and de factor ruler of High Ainon.


The roots of the Scarlet Spires reach as far back as ancient Shir (to this day traditionalists within the School refer to themselves as the "shiradi"). In many ways the development of the Scarlet Spires exemplifies the development of every Three Seas School, that of loose networks of sorcerous practicioners becoming progressively more organized and insular in the face of chronic, religiously motivated persecution. Originally called the Surartu -- "Hooded Singers" -- the Scarlet Spires secured the river fortress of Kiz in Carythusal c. 1800 and emerged from the chaos surrounding the Apocalypse, the collapse of Shir, and the Great Pestilence as one of the most powerful factions in ancient Ainon. Sometime around 2350, Kiz was severely damaged in an earthquake and subsequently covered with red enamel tiles in the reconstruction, thus leading to the School's now-famous moniker.[1]

The symbol of the Scarlet Spires is a three-headed serpent.[2]

Participation in the Holy War[]

In 4100, the then-Grandmaster of the Scarlet Spires, Sasheoka, was assassinated by the Cishaurim, who believed the Scarlet Spires responsible for skin-spies discovered in Shimeh. Sasheoka's successor as Grandmaster, Hanamanu Eleäzaras, sought vengeance, and waged a secret war against the Cishaurim for ten years. When a Holy War was announced against the Fanim by Maithanet, Shriah of the Thousand Temples, in 4110, the Scarlet Spires agreed to offer their support.

The Scarlet Spires wished to minimize their involvement in the conflict, as they were few in number and significant losses could reduce the standing of the School. As such, they took to the field only when Cishaurim were present among the enemy forces.

Known Members[]


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