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The Kellian Empire in 4132 Year-of-the-Tusk

The New Empire (the Kellian Empire) is the Empire founded by Anasûrimbor Kellhus following the First Holy War and the Unification Wars.

It spans the entirety of the Three Seas, from the legendary fortress of Auvangshei on the frontiers of Zeüm to the shrouded headwaters of the River Sayut, from the sweltering coasts of Kutnarmu to the wild rim of the Osthwai Mountains—all the lands that had once been Fanim or Inrithi.

It was easily the equal of the old Ceneian Empire in terms of geographical extent, and likely far greater when it came to population.

A hundred great cities, and almost as many languages. A dozen proud nations. Thousand of years of mangled history.[1]

Anasûrimbor Kellhus was proclaimed Aspect-Emperor after the defeat of Fanayal ab Kascamandri at Shimeh in 4112. Both the Kianene and the Nansur empires collapsed shortly thereafter, leaving him the undisputed master of the Western Three Seas. Thirteen years of internecine and expansionist war followed. Many factors were instrumental to his success, including his martial brilliance and the fanaticism of his Zaudunyani Inrithi. But it would be his control of the Thousand Temples (which allowed him to so quickly consolidate his gains) and his alliance with the School of Mandate (which gave him the sorcerous advantage on every field of battle) that would prove decisive. The so-called Unifications Wars ended with the final capitulation of Nilnamesh in 4126, rendering Anasûrimbor Kellhus the greatest conqueror since Far Antiquity. Not even the legendary Triamis the Great (2456-2577) achieved so much in so short a time.


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