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Maithanet is the Shriah of the Thousand Temples, and primary instigator of the First Holy War.[1]

His name means "instruction".[2]


Maithanet has blue eyes and blonde hair, though he dyed it black when he first took the office of Shriah.


Maithanet recieved Dûnyain training allowing him to effortlessly read peoples' emotions and manipulate them. His training allows him to identify skin-spies by sight.

He is one of the Few, but never studied sorcery.


What Came Before[]

Maithanet is a son of Anasûrimbor Moënghus, making him Kellhus's half-brother.

According to the Mandate, Maithanet seemed to seize the position of Shriah almost out of nowhere. He quickly thwarted three separate plans to assassinate him. He also identified and purged a number of spies from rival factions.

The Darkness That Comes Before[]

Maithanet's plan to call a Holy War becomes known to the other factions, including the Mandate, who are not sure whether the target will be Sorcerers or the Fanim. They send Achamian to Sumna to learn the truth. Maithanet ultimately declares his Holy War against the Fanim, calling upon all Inrithi to join in a massive invasion of Kian to retake the holy city of Shimeh.

The Warrior-Prophet[]

The Thousandfold Thought[]

The Judging Eye[]

The White Luck Warrior[]


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  2. He is mentioned in The Darkness That Comes Before as coming from Cingulat or Nilnamesh, so his mother would presumably be a Ketyai woman.


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