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Gierra is the Goddess of carnal passion. One of the so-called Compensatory Gods, who reward devotion in life with paradise in the afterlife, Gierra is very popular throughout the Three Seas, particularly among aging men drawn to the “aphrodisica,” Cultic nostrums reputed to enhance virility. In the Higarata, the collection of subsidiary writings that form the scriptural core of the Cults, Gierra is rarely depicted with any consistency, and is often cast as a malign temptress, luring men to the luxury of her couch, often with fatal consequences.[1] In the Mar’eddat, she is wife of the faithless Ajokli.[2] Gierra’s “voluptuous” idol, depicts “wide-thrown ankles.”[3]

“The temple prostitutes of Gierra believes, that despite the hundreds of men who uses them, they couples with only one, Hotos, the Priapic God.”[4] Priestesses of Gierra tattoo their limbs in inscriptions and cover their bodies with oil.[5] Part of their duties is to have sex with male worshippers.[6] Sumni harlots must have the Sign of Gierra, twin serpents, tattooed on the back of their left hand, apparently in imitation of the Priestesses of Gierra.[7]


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