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Galeoth is a Norsirai nation of the Three Seas.

Galeoth Warrior by SpiralHorizon

Galeoth in 4109.

Following the Apocalypse, countless thousands of Meöri refugees settled the environs north of Lake Huösi. Though nominally tributary to the Ceneian Empire, surviving records indicate that the “Galoti,” as the Ceneians called them, were a fractious and warlike people. At some point in the thirty-fifth century, sedentary kingdoms began to displace the pastoral tribes along the River Vindauga and River Sculpa. Galeoth proper did not arise until c. 3683, when King Norwain I reputedly concluded twenty years of campaigning and conquest by having his captive foes butchered en masse in the reception hall of Moraör, the great palace complex of the Galeoth Kings.[1]

It is a commonly-believed legend that the famed fractiousness of the Galeoth derives from a curse laid on their Meöri forefathers by the Nonman King Gin’yursis, who was betrayed and killed by the hero Nostol and his Meöri comrades after the Battle of Kathol Pass. In actuality, Gin’yursis was not so discriminate; he placed his curse on all Men.[2]



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