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The Emwama were a tribe of Men indigenous to Eärwa. Slaves of the Nonmen, they were massacred by the Five Tribes of Men following the Breaking of the Gates. Very little is known about them.[1]

At some point this primitives were conquered by Nonmen and further existed as slaves to them. They delved the deep mines and tilled the fields for their long-lived masters. The sole exception was in the uttermost north, where the Cûnuroi of Viri instead employed men and treated them with more respect, to the derision of their peers.

At some point the Inchoroi tried to turn them against their Nonmen masters and gave them Chorae to help them do so. The Emwama did not desire to rebel however, and instead gave the Chorae to their Nonmen masters. With this the Inchoroi turned their efforts to the tribes of men from Eänna.


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