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Disciple of The Dog is the first title in R. Scott Bakker's Discilple Manning series. It was first published in 2010.

The Enlightened Dead is a rumoured followup, although there are more rumoures that it may never be published due to the low volume of sales that Disciple of The Dog has generated.


No matter how hard he drinks, gambles, or womanizes, Disciple Manning simply cannot forget: not a word spoken, not an image glimpsed, not a pain suffered. Disciple Manning has total recall. Whatever he hears, he can remember with 100% accuracy. He can play it back in his head for an infinite number of times without a single change. This ability makes him a dangerously unorthodox private investigator.

When a New Jersey couple hires Manning to find their daughter, who joined a religious cult before vanishing in a small rust-belt town called Ruddick, he finds himself embroiled in a mystery that will pit his unnatural ability to remember against his desperate desire to forget.