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Battle of Caraskand
Part of the Holy War

Date 4112
Location Tertae Plains
First force Holy War
Second force Kianene
Result Victory for the Holy War
Holy War
Leader Anasûrimbor Kellhus
Participants Coithus Athjeäri
Coithus Saubon
Goken the Red
Hoga Gonrain
Hringa Hulwarga
Ikurei Conphas
Musammu Chinjosa
Nersei Proyas
Nurbanu Soter
Rilding Werijen Greatheart
Shressa Gaidekki
Sirpal Uranyanka
Skinede Anmergal
Thagawain Anfirig
Yalgrota Sranchammer
Leader Kascamandri ab Tepherokar
Participants Ansacer ab Salajka
Cinganjehoi ab Sakjal
Cojirani ab Houk
Fanayal ab Kascamandri

The Battle of Caraskand, sometimes called the Battle of Tertae Fields, was the desperate and pivotal battle in 4112 between the host of Kascamandri ab Tepherokar, the Padirajah of Kian, and the First Holy War under Anasûrimbor Kellhus.

The Fanim, despite outnumbering the diseased and starving Inrithi, found themselves incapable of slowing or stopping the First Holy War's general advance. Many attribute the Inrithi victory to the intercession of the God, though a more likely explanation is to be found in the revelatory events preceding the battle. Nersei Proyas is particularly effective in his descriptions of the maniacal morale enjoyed by the Inrithi as a result of the Warrior-Prophet's Circumfixion and subsequent vindication. That the Kianene were overconfident is amply demonstrated by the Padirajah's decision to allow the First Holy War to assemble its ranks unmolested.[1]


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